A great dress shirt must bring together form and function.

A great dress shirt must bring together form and function. Through a methodology that puts the considerations of our wearer alongside our ability to create, the PYE dress shirt collections integrate style and lifestyle so as to define, rather than just design. We obsess over every detail — from the curve of an armhole, to the stitches on a button — to ensure that we get everything right. And we leverage learning and abilities from each of our stakeholders to deliver a cutting edge product that is just so.

Closing the gap between design and production.

A great looking shirt that falls apart can’t be considered great. Conversely, a well-made shirt that doesn’t look good can’t be considered great either. Owning our own factories — where shirts have been made for over three decades — allows us to consider both aesthetics and technical expertise in tandem. No detail is overlooked so that each PYE shirt can be crafted to our exacting standards, ensuring a sharp look and a great fit that lasts over time.


A. 100% Cotton Interlinings
Multiple pieces of 100% cotton interlining are carefully assembled to create a strong and stable structure.

B. Collar Shape
Multiple pieces of 100% cotton interlining are carefully assembled to create a strong and stable structure.

C. Collar Band
Fused into the neckline on the outside for a sharp look without puckering, and loosened on the inside for comfort.

D. Removable Collar Stays
Strong removable collars stays that straighten the collar and that ensure the longevity of your shirt.

Sewing & Seams

Each garment is sewn with a single needle at 18-22 stitches per inch to ensure seam strength, minimal puckering and clean lines.

A simple gusset anchors each side seam of the shirt and provides durability during movement and daily wear.

Buttons & Buttonholes
Sewn using custom machines to ensure maximum strength with a 1/8” shank on the button to avoid pulling and puckering on the fabric.


Pattern Matching
Patterns and lines in our fabrics are perfectly matched to ensure symmetry across
each garment.

Long Shirt Tail
Longer tail ensure the shirt doesn’t pop out of your pants.

Split Yokes Cut On A Bias
Split yokes with fabric cut on a bias across the back shoulder to provide better
movement and comfort.

The Shell Button

A. Trochus Shell
Used on our Classic and Universal shirts, these naturally luninescent shell buttons are crafted with a clean back for a modern ease and a height of 2.4mm to avoid breakage.

B. White Lip Mother of Pearl
From the same material making up the outer coating of pearls, we created a 2mm natural Mother of Pearl buttons on our Definitive and Infinity shirts for substantial elegance.


Style Code
Each PYE shirt is labeled with a style code that represents the type of shirt, collar shape, fit, and collection of the shirt for your convenience. You can then use this style code to repurchase similar shirts through our shirtfinder.

Production Code
Shirt making is a big part of the PYE promise. These three sets of numbers refer to the three main facilities in which your shirt and the main processes– yarn spinning, fabric weaving, and sewing – in their making took place.

Obsessive Quality

When it comes to quality, you might say we're a bit obsessive. Not only do we perform a range of tests on each final garment, we also perform tests throughout every step in the process to ensure the highest quality shirt. Visual checks are administered for pattern matching, design, and every element of construction. Durability and longevity checks test for things like seam bursting, tearing strength, fabric shrinkage, and stability over washes and wears to name a few. Every shirt is important to us, and we hope that they defy your expectations.

The PYE collars lead to a perfect ten.

The collar is often the first thing someone notices on your shirt and in relation to how you are presenting yourself. Some choose a collar type that best frames their face, works best for a preferred tie knot, or is just a personal style preference. Because of this, we've developed ten distinctive collars—each one sharp, structured, and meticulously crafted for you.


The spread collar points away from the placket towards the shoulder. Typically seen as more European, it is now associated with an easy modernity and elegance.

Cantor Small
Fermat Big
Newton Big

The point collar is a style where the collar points down towards the chest. The point collar is often seen as more American, which is why we have chosen to also introduce our button down collar in this style.

Euclid Short
Gauss Small
Pascal Button Down

The mandarin collar was popularized as part of contemporary dress in the late 1800's when leader Sun Yat-Sen paired it alongside the mandarin collar suit, also known as the Zhongshan Zhuang. A stylish option for those who prefer to go without a tie.

Liu Short
Shen Short Angled
Zhu Classic
Zu Tall Angled
An exact fit for an exacting man.

The quality and make of a shirt will not matter if the shirt doesn't fit you perfectly. And a perfect fit is based as much upon how you like your shirt to look, as how you like your shirt to feel. That's why we have studied countless real men to develop four unique fits, each that suits different body types as well as fitting and style preferences. The right fit will make you look great and feel great. Find what's right for you by exploring each fit below or by using our fit finder.


A. Our most liberal fit, tailored for both comfort and to look sharp. Great for a larger gentleman, or for someone who likes a very roomy fit.

B. Steep and curved shoulder sloping capture rounder shoulders, avoiding drag lines or excess fabric.

C. Generous tailoring in the body and sleeve creates a neat look alongside maximum comfort.

Garment Measurement

Available Sizes


A. For the man who wants to look clean and sharp with a modern elegance, or for a slimmer gentleman looking for a roomier shirt

B. High and curved armhole with slim sleeves for a flattering silhouette

C. Cut on point for broader shoulders to create structure and shape

D. Distinctive 3-dimensional tailored straight cut for sharp elegance

Garment Measurement

Available Sizes


A. For the man who wants a contemporary silhouette. Great for the slighter or slim gentleman looking for an elegant shirt

B. Shoulders cut on the shoulder point for an exacting look

C. High and curved armhole with slim sleeves for a more flattering silhouette

D. Tailored silhouette that is modern and elegant, naturally skimming the body with ease

Garment Measurement

Available Sizes


A. Patterned to be close to the body and narrow in the waist for an exceptionally slim line

B. High and curved armhole with slim sleeves

C. With cut in shoulders for a narrower silhouette

D. For the gentleman who wants a more fashion forward line, or who has a slight build

Garment Measurement

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